Interview with Ghaleb Rida

1_ With who do you feel more comfortable Ryadi or Champville?
i had my good days at riyadi and i had my bad days as well when problems started to take place but over all it was a great experience i learned a lot from riyadi i stayed there almost 12yrs and now at the current time i am playing for champville and having a great new experience with a willing team with players on all the positions that have talents and willing to be a competitor team
2_If Sagesse asked for you would you be intrested ?
ya sure i ll have the pride to play for a historical team that won alot of championship.
3_Last season who did you feel that he was the best lebanese player? And foreign player?
i think almost everybody is doing great and i think that the best player will show up in the final competitions
4_Last word for Ryadi and Sagesse fans.
i can say that these two teams have big fans and in this year i want to thank our management that is working hard to fill in the stands everytime we play and i want to thank the champville fans for being there always for us. finally i want to say that basketball is the number one sport in lebanon lets all as players and fans take care of it so we can always enjoy it.

Interviewed by Joseph Sahlani

Interview with Alvin Sims

1_In which team  u are playing right now?
Man I was Iran last season! It sucked but the money was great!!!
2_Do u accept returning to sagesse club again?
I wanted to come back to Sagesse but they weren't organized and they didn't know who the president was going to be and so on!!!! I would love to play for Sagesse forever!!!!
3_Did anyone talk to you abt this subject?
No one has contacted me.

Interviewed by Jad Richa

Interview with Bader Makki

1- kif betchouf el boutoule hal season !? w bet2oul ba3ed khsaret el hekme el youm chou rah bi koun ra2y el ittihad?
2- ma3 aya fari2 bader makki rteh aktar chi bi le3bo ?
3- min afdal ajnabe l3ebet ila jenbo ? w min hpuwe afdal le3ib bi teri5 el basket bi leb !?
4- kif betchouf nede el hekme? w nede el riyade ? w nede el muttahed w nede el champville?
5- min btetwa2a3 bil final?
6- bet2oul moumkin the national team yet2ahal lal olympics game!?
7-finally kelme akhira la jamahir el basket ...w ekhir akhbar bader makki

1-champion this year better then the last 2 years...w inshallah for the better every year.,,,,,,specially after chwaeiry left ,,,it was a big lost for basket ball
2-ana rta7et ma3 l 7ekmeh was my golden years...specially when u are winning feels good
3-the best foreign player is no doubt mouhamad acha...coz he played all position from 1 to 5 ....he teach me how to play defense...he was the best...and please all join the group that i made for him mhamad acha rest in peace....hayda 2a2al chi fia ne3melo ye....and the best player b tarikh le3beh its hard...i think elie mchantaf before and fadi l khatib now...
4-first sagesse they had the chance to be champion if they signed fadi..i hear they had the chance to sign him and they was a big will be between them and moutahed to playe the final....and sporting will win the long as sporting wining all thr games there will be no basket ball
if fadi played with sporting next year allah yer7am l basket....federation should do something ta temna3 hal chi....champhille they are young team...and there foreingn player dont suit the team...they need a point guard and a center block shooter like assan ndyaye...they still can be in the finale ...if they played with a big heart
6-akid we have all the players to reach the finale...bass fadi is not playing this year hope this will not effect on his role at the national team...coz when u play games every week....its not the same if u watch even if u practice every day
7-finaly i wish all the team the best and to all the fans to come to the games coz that will help basket ball to fly again...
and about me ...i oppened a shop for cloth so all of u dont buy close come to my shop and i will make u a big discount ...specially if u are fans of sagesse hehehe...kidding
iam folowing basket ball and in the future hope to be assistant coach with my favorite coach ghassan sarkiss....

Interviewed by Jad Richa

Interview with Elie Stephan

1st - why elie stephan tarakk el sagesse?
2nd- kif betchoufo el champville this year !?? w el ajnabe el jdid ?
3- min hene el fera2 yalli rah betnefis 3al boutoule w min hene el team yalli bi nazarak aktar tnen mrachahin yel3abo final!?
4- kif betchouf el derby hekme - riyade?
5- elie stephan 3am bi 2adem ahla season bi masirto ... kif betfasir hal chi!?? w leh ma 2deret tekhoud hal forsa abel?
6- ma3 aya le3ib bterteh tel3ab aktar chi ?
w give el teechkile el miseliye la mountakhab leb bi nazarak!!?
7- kelme akhira la jamahir lebanese basketball
10x elie u r the best player this year in champville great job :D:D Elie Stephan

1st- Last year i was in America playing in college w i wasn't planning to come back at least not before 4 years.. So wa2ta rje3et during summer for holidays, kenet 3am botla3 2el3ab b champville ma3 coach ghassan 5 on 5 just to stay in shape so after almost 2 weeks balachna ne7ke ana w coach ghassan 3an l possibility eno eb2a w 2el3ab hon b lebnen w ken huwe men aktar ness yale 7amasune w nasa7une eno eb2a w hek sar b2it ma3 l champville. Bas b2akedlak sagesse 3enda ma7al kbir b albe :)
2nd- We had a bad start, bas ma fi chi kheles b nesbe elna w ana ktir metfe2al khasatan men ba3ed ma eja l ajnabe l jdid because kena men awal sene cheyfin eno na2esna center ta yse3edna defensively w ma ba2a 3ena hal na2es under the basket.
3rd-Ya3ne ana l sene cheyefa fiya ktir competition w kel l fera2 2rab 3a ba3da so it's very hard to predict b2elak b kel sara7a bas ana bchuf eno fi 5 fera2 w 7ayala 7ada menon ma32ul yusal final; riyadi,sagesse,muttahed,champville and blue stars.
4-Ya3ne hekme-riyadi hiye bl fe3el kemet l basket gher eno fi terikh bl competition ben hal nediyan l sene l hekmeh ktir reje3 3ele level taba3a w 2arabet men l riyadi.
5- Awalan ana i'm still 21 ya3ne masirte ba3ada mbalche :).. w fi ktir asbeb 3am betse3edne awalon eno 3am bekhod forste ma3 coach ghassan bl champville, second a lot of hard practice w a very supportive team and fans and a great atmosphere this year bl league.. W ma akhadet hal forsa abel cause last year as i said ma kenet w hone w abla i think i was still young to take this role especially that i was playing in a team like sagesse w ken fi aseme ktir kbire metel elie mechantaf w fadi el khatib etc...
6- Ra7 kun sari7 ktir ma3ak b7eb el3ab ma3 kel la3ib byel3ab men albo lal fari2 w byel3ab good defense w fi ktir la3ib b lebanon b7eb el3ab ma3on w sene ktir mabsut ma3 kel la3ibe ma3e bl fari2 w 3anjad they're very supportive.
7- Chu ma elet ma bikafe bas b2akedlak kel ma fut 3a game byekbar albe b hal jamahir li2ano 3anjad l male3eb 3am bedala metel ka2ano carnaval w meche.. Ya3ne kel ta3ab w l temrin mnensi wa2ta men fut 3a hek mal3ab. Boutoulet lebnen ma ela ta3me men dun hal joumhour!! W b7eb 2ou3ad l kel eno hal sene l surprises w l mounefase mkefeye li2ano kel l fera2 2rab ktir men ba3da w ma 7ada bya3ref kif btekhlas :) Ana hala2 ra7 saker w fut nem li2ano saret 3 sobe7 w ana 3am bektob w bukra temrin bakir :) hehe thx jad elak w b7ebkon kelkon w men chufkon  

 Interviewed by Jad Richa

Interview with Edgard Moussali

1_Welcome Edgard Moussali, what do you tell the fans about you?

Well, I have not much to say, hopefully I will be in Lebanon to start my season if things goes as planned, and then i'll let the fans find out about me on court.

2_Can you tell us a little bit about your skills and phyisical shape?

I am a point gaurd, and talking about skills is not always a good thing, I prefer that once I am out there, I'll leave it up to you to judge and see my skills. I am 1.87cm, I can shoot and penetrate.

3_Who's your agent in Lebanon? and which teams asked for you?

My agent is Samer Naoum also a friend at the same time that's how close we became. At first I tried out for Anibal Zahle, where I injured my ankle and still suffering from it, then I headed for a try out with Champville which I was going to sign with, but some complications happened due to the transfer from coach ghassan to Sagesse. Then some talks came out that I will be going to Sagesse which it didnt happen, also negotiations were happening with antranik and muttahed. due to delays i started looking elsewhere where I was offered a contract from ana ABA league and I am supposed to give my answer by Friday the 22nd of august 2008.
I will be waiting for that date, to see if I am going to sign with champville or stay here and play in the ABA league.

4_I know you follow the Lebanese basketball since you left lebanon 7 years ago to Canada, who is the best coach? best lebanese player? best point guard? best center? a future talent? best import that you have seen within your whole time following basketball in Lebanon?

That's a pretty big question, with respect to all coaches of course, but I like Ghassan Sarkis who has accomplished a lot, and also a big and respected coach Coach Rizkallah Zaloum, i am sure there's a lot of coaches out there that are also good but didn't have the chance to coach big teams or show their capability.
what concerns a point guard? not to forget that I only watched the final 4 in lebanon, a good point guard that i liked was Riyadi player Ali Mahmoud, he plays his role very well.
Best lebanese player? well I'd like to see Fadi El khatib back in shape.
Best center, would be Roy Samaha a very mobile and big lebanese player, and i am sure all lebanese team would like to have a center like him, especially that he is Lebanese.
A future talent? I dont know much about the youngs in Lebanon, but someone that I keep on follow is Tarek Ammoury, I know him since childhood since he was in Lebanon at a younger age, and I saw him play, and I also followed his news. He is a big prospect.
Best import from back in the days till now? Mohammad Acha may he rest in piece and Jamal Robinson, and there's of course a lot of interesting foreigners that came to Lebanon, Daniel Okonko, Prentice McGuder. Anyway I saw better foreigners quality before then now. not to forget the big Tony Madison.

5_U don't consider Joe Vogel as the best lebanese center ??? and what can u tell us abt tarek ammoury since he will play ncaa div 1 and u don't consider ismail ahmad like the best import ?

Joe Vogel is not Lebanese, but he is a big asset for the NT. Tarek Ammoury will fly and I will watch him doing so. Ismail is a big player, a lot of respect to him.

6_Any last words for the lebanese basketball? what are your expectations for next season? Thank you for your time.

No you guys are doing a good job, especially you Jad, I would see you one day with a basketball magazine or involved somewhere in the administration, good luck with that. My expectations? i have none yet since I dont know anything about the teams in Lebanon, but I am sure it will be a very competitive season.

Thank you Eddy, hope to see you soon  

Interviewed by Jad Richa

Interview with Nadim Souaid

1-What do u tell ur fans about u?
-to keep loving me however i play and whatever i do so that i keep progressing!!

2-What do u promise ur fans regarding ur level in the next season?
-much more better than the last season!

3-What do u think of ur first season with Antranik,Roro nd all the players?
-everybody was good and roro supported me a lot and antranik was alaways beside me!

4-What do u think of Antranik's level in the past season?
-it was a very normal level but we tried to show our best by playing better game after game!

5-Who's ur best lebanese player?
-elie mchantaf.(isma3il ahamad as a foreigner)

6-Which teams asked 4 u nd which 1 did u choose 2 play with?
-all the teams called me but i havent took my decision yet

7-What are ur expectations 4 the next season nd who do u think will win?
Thank You Nadim in advance !
-i wanna play final 4 and riyadi is good but i hope we will see great finals!
thank u!!

Interviewed by Jad Richa

Interview with Jean Paul Afif

1_Where are you playing basketball these days?

I am the Assistant General Manager and head coach of the Dallas TX Texas Tycoons. We finished this past season with a record of 21-3 and I was selected as the ALL-Star Head Coach and Coach of the year for the ABA League. I also was the General Manager for the Dallas Defenders a PBL expansion team. I have been offered the contract and announced as the General Manager and Head Coach of the Buffalo Dragons another PBL expansion team, but I am not sure if I will be excepting that offer. I will probably wait and see what other opportunities I have.

2_Were you approached by the lebanese basketball federation to join the national team? If no are you intrested in joining the NT?

No I was never approached, but I approached them back in 2002 before the Indianapolis World Championships. They told me they might use me but then said the team was full. I have never been approached or contacted by the national team. But yes I would play with them if asked.

3_Did any lebanese basketball club contacted you or tried to sign a contract with you?

From 1998-2003 I was contacted by Roseto, and Sagesse about playing but I was attending University here in the USA. Then in 2003 I was contacted and offered by all the clubs in Lebanon and eventually signed with Najjar. Since that year I have not been offered to play by any of the clubs.

4_Do you feel its possible to continue your career in Lebanon?

Yes I feel it is possible to continue my career in Lebanon if offered the right contract from the right club.

Interviewed by Rawad Baz