New goals for Anibal

Dany Barhoum will remain as Anibal player.
Roro Zaloum is the new coach of anibal zahle.

Nothing new

FLB met today and cancelled Lebanon's participation in Stankovic tournament.

Interview with the captain

Elie mchantaf on jaras tv :

- Samaki Walker is the first import.
- Brian 99% with Sagesse.
- Matt Freigeh 's issue is difficult to solve. We are working on other Lebanese players from abroad.
- I received from 1 hour an answer by fax concerning a player I could have never dreamt of acquiring. I hope we succeed in getting him.
- Several players will come for try-outs next week.
- It is a shame that Kakhia is on the head of the FLB. He threatened me yesterday to ban Sagesse players if they don't join the NT.

Samaki to Sagesse ?

According to some basketball forums,Sagesse entered in a serious negotiations Ex-Lakers Samaki Walker.


Summer league

The Summer league is about to end,after finishing the first round with no losses Sagesse is looking to beat the MESM team  who is composed from foreigners in the semis while Blue stars will meet the Egyptian Academie team.

 New coach for Sagesse

The new coach for sagesse is the serbian matic.In other news Brian Bchara oficially signed with the club. Amir Eid (187-G-89) also signed with Sagesse.

Roy suffers an injury

"Roy Smeha" the big lebanese center got injured on 18 September 2008 in the Lebanese Basketball Summer. Roy was going up for a dunk, but his jump was not so high to make it, but he could touch the ring. The problem was going down on his back, so he got an elbow discolate. The players and The bench was really afraid, all putting their hands on their heads running to get him off...

New hope for the NT

The Lebanese basketball federation announced that they agreed terms with Aaron McCarthy from USA to be the coach of the Lebanese Men National Team for the upcoming period... McCarthy's successful career in Europe encouraged the members of the federation as he was named as best coach in Finland 3 consecutive seasons before heading to Germany for another success..The american coach's main mission is to make it to World Cup 2010 in turkey.

New\old players

Bassem Balaa (199-F-79) and Nadim Souaid (187-G/F-87) have signed with Sagesse according to Sagesse's forum.And Patrick Bou Abboud (199-F-87) is in his way to sign with sagesse. Sagesse's first import is Trent Strickland, he is not the same player who used to play with blue stars before..

That's the end

In a shocking move,Alain Boustani (182-G-85) has decided to put basketball aside for now.


According to the official website of Tebnin,the players have signed and renewed officialy are: ghaled rida (2 years),Anis Feghali (2years),Charbel Al Sekhen (2years),Hassan lakiss(2years) and hilal Cheet renewed his contract with the team.
According to Tebnin official Website,Ralf Akl (178-G-90) has signed officialy with the team.

Moe Ibrahim is back

After a 3 years experience in the NCAA,Moe Ibrahim (192-G-83) is ready for a new career with Al Riyadi Club.Riyadi have also gain the signature of Yehia Sabra(200-F/C-85) who had a good season the last following season.

New destination

Besides Mazen mneimneh,Al mouttahed tripoli have signed free agent Mario Abboud (204-F/C-81),and lebanese-australian shooting Guard Tom Ammar (198-G/F-87)

Good bye Norm

Mouttahed's management decided to keep on American guard Darren killy (190-G-83),negotiations with Norman Nolan failed to reach a successful end.


Blue stars practice:
-the 2 imports have arrived and both are very good,the center is 210cm his name is larry cox(210-C-85),and the second is a wing and less than 2m !
-the coach is lithuanian Lukosius Mindaugas and he will arrive next week

Will he return to Lebanon

Feytroun and Anibal are negotiating with Alvin Sims.

Lebanese basketball federation

The FLB last decisions :


1- Approving both the financial and the administral announcements presented by the general secretary and distributing them
to the generalcommittee to discuss them later in order to be approved.
2- Allowing two foreign players to play for every premeire league team under the condition that one of the players most have not played for his national team
to maintain the chance of giving him the Lebanese nationality. The federation promised to provide each club with fifteen thousnad dollars during the season to help n thisprocess.
3- Nicely demanding every premeire league team to form under seventeen & under fifteen men teams; and the federation will contibute by
six thousand dollas every year.
4- Signing a sponsorship contract with the Lebanese Emirates Bank for seventy five thousnad dollars.
5-Launching the premeire league championship for men for the season 08,09 on Novembre 1st.

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